Pre-RA1 Meeting

Bologna, 26 May 2017

  • WP 1-6X1: SZ signal extraction from future CMB data (Pasquale Mazzotta)
  • WP 1-6X2: New point source detection methods (Domenico Marinucci)
  • WP 2-6X1: Future ground-based CMB experiments (Marco Bersanelli)
  • WP 2-6X2: Support to data analysis for LSPE/STRIP (Davide Maino)
  • WP 3-6X1: Future balloon borne CMB experiments (Paolo De Bernardis)
  • WP 3-6X2: Support to data analysis for LSPE/SWIPE (Francesco Piacentini)
  • WP 4-6X1: Next generation of CMB space missions (Reno Mandolesi)
  • WP 4-6X2: HW/SW infrastructure for future CMB experiments (Andrea Zacchei)
  • WP 5-6X1: RF testing for future CMB experiments (Mario Zannoni)
  • WP 5-6X2: CMB calibration and SRT (Massimo Gervasi)
  • WP 6-6X1: Strategic solutions for new CMB detectors (Flavio Gatti)
  • WP 6-6X2: Readout electronics for future CMB missions (Giovanni Signorelli)
  • WP 7-6X1: Astroparticle and fundamental physics (Paolo Natoli)
  • WP 8-6X1: Inflationary gravitational waves (Nicola Bartolo)
  • WP 8-6X2: Non-gaussianity from Inflation (Michele Liguori)
  • WP 9-6X1: Foreground modeling and removal (Francesca Perrotta)
  • WP 9-6X2: CMB weak lensign reconstruction (Carlo Baccigalupi)